Precision CNC Machining & Prototyping Services

Batten Tool & Machine is a leading Minneapolis machine shop, offering custom machining services to leading companies across the United States.

We are a CNC machining job shop and specialize in CNC milling, turning and prototyping. We are uniquely positioned to be able to assist with a single-piece prototype to long-term production runs.

  • 5-Axis Machining Capabilities
  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) in-house

Video of  all 5 axis simultaneously moving during machining of part


Our CNC machines allow us to create custom parts for you that are cut specific to your desired dimensions, with an extreme degree of accuracy. We can create shapes, patterns, and detail that are virtually unlimited. That said, there are times when old-school manual machining methods are called for. Our team is ready for any challenge you throw at us.


Have a part or an idea that you’d like to turn into a prototype? Need help optimizing a part for the manufacturing process? We have years of experience in steering prototyping projects down the correct path. There are many potential potholes that can derail the process, and we’re well-versed in how to avoid them.


As part of our commitment to producing high quality machined parts, we’ve invested in a state of the art CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). Having a CMM allows us to measure complex geometrical characteristics with extreme precision. We also monitor your parts closely as they progress through our machining processes.