Our Commitment to Quality

Batten Tool & Machine will listen intently to your requirements, and will work tirelessly to ensure your requirements are not only met, but exceeded.

Quality Equipment. Leading Talent. Guaranteed Satisfaction.

When you work with Batten Tool, you can be assured that quality is at the forefront of every project. Our policy is to provide every customer with parts that comply with their requirements. Not only for technical specifications, but also performance, reliability and on-time delivery.

Quality and accuracy are verified throughout our parts production process. From our first article inspections, in-process inspections, to final inspections with our state of the art CMM, we ensure top quality from start to finish.

Producing precision parts requires a variety of tools to assure quality.  Measuring and verifying quality also requires the right experience and knowledge.  Batten Tool has both the equipment and experience to produce machined parts with the highest degree of precision and accuracy. We’re so confident in our services that we guarantee 100% satisfaction with every project. We’ll make it right under every circumstance.

CMM (Coordinated Measuring Machine)

We pride ourselves as being at the forefront of technology, and we’ve invested in a CMM (Coordinated Measuring Machine), that gives us the ability to measure dimensions and complexity that is difficult or often impossible to measure using conventional methods. Because of the emphasis we place on quality and accuracy, you can be assured that your finished product will meet your specific requirements.