Premier Minneapolis CNC Machine Shop and Precision Parts Manufacturer

Batten Tool’s History

Batten Tool & Machine, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Dan Batten. Dan worked his business at night and on weekends after working his regular job as a plastic injection mold maker for a local tool and die shop in Minneapolis. Batten Tool had started to generate some business just by word of mouth and being competitive in pricing.

Originally the plan was to build tooling and fixtures only. It did not take long for Dan to find out that there were a lot of opportunities for general CNC machining of small and medium size runs of precision parts. In January 1995 Batten Tool & Machine, Inc. became his full time job. Since then has grown to 12 full time employee’s with combined 75 years experience among them.

Batten Tool specializes in machining tough to machine materials such as Nitronic 60, 316, 304, 17-4PH stainless steels, titanium, tool steels, as well as other metals such as aluminum, brass and some plastics.

Precision machined parts